Lipseans Became Eye openers
February 14, on Valentine’s Day Lipseans became eye openers. Every creatures deserves a sip of water. How beaufiful it is when the birds dipping their bill in water and throwing their head back to swallow. The sight of birds quenching their thirst will satisfy our souls. Every year, thousands of birds die during the scorching summer months due to heat and thirst. We cannot keep an eye on all the birds but the least we can do is ensure that some of them get access to the life-giving water they need.
Placing earthen bowls upon the tree for birds to quench their thirst, LIPS blooming buds showed their hospitality towards other fellow beings. Lips principal Raseena ma’am inaugurated the occasion by pouring water into the bowls. Children clapped with great zeal and zest. Vice principal Sreeja Pradeep, and all teachers witnessed this great venture.