“We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.” Kathryn Perez.
Interview with Padma shri M Ali Manikfan : The versatile genius without formal education.
We are extremely honoured to have the chance to interview Padma Shri M.Ali Mankfan – Oceanographer, astronomer, geologist, social scientist, technologist, environmental champion, agriculture expert, nature watcher, Muslim scholar and polyglot – so go the epithets that can match the makings of this man.
A seventh grade drop-out who can read, speak and write in 14 languages including Malayalam, Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Arabic, Urdu, Latin, French, Russian, German, English and Persian besides Mahl, the native tongue of Lakshadweep. How can one who had received only three years of formal liberal education achieve all this? The answer lies in Manikfan’s very life: ‘If you have the will, you can learn anything.”
Yes,the man of great ideology with simple way of life whose life itself is an open book to us. A man in million: really gives knowledge than any University can offer.
May his august life become a great inspiration for the present generation as well as the generation to come.