II batch of PPTTC started

Early Child Education or Pre-Primary Education is the breastmilk of education . It has a vital role in the educational career of an individual and it must be as pure as breastmilk.
Hence the educational mother should be one who have undergone with proper and scientific training. We,The LIPS aiming to produce the teachers who are fit to work in and outside India.
It gives us plethora of happiness to inform you that our #first #batch has got 100% placement in various well reputed CBSE schools.
We have encompassed that energy and here The Second batch starts on 6th August ’18

* BSS affilated Certificate

* AOT based teaching.( Activity Oriented Training)
* More practical sessions than any other institutions can provide (In our campus and other institutions)
* Communicative English.(We will train you to handle English as easy as malayalam)
*Strategy analysis training programme( will help you to give confidence to handle situations may occur in work place)

*We are 100% sure that a LIPT product will be an asset for any institutions for academic as well as extra curricular activities*.

*Let’s join our hands for a bright future*