First day of Chingam , the new year of Malayalam, is celebrated as farmers day or ‘Karshaka Dhinam’ through out the state kerala. The day is propitious, that ends the month, karkidaka. Karkidaka is the month of torrential rain, woe distress and ailments. And Chingam one is the new dawn, new dawn of hope and prosperity.
Despite the threats and crises posed by the Kovid epidemic and the floods for the third year in a row, the Malayalees are getting ready to welcome the new year with hope. Everyone thinks that life can be rebuilt by surviving all the crisis. Chingam evokes nostalgic memories of agricultural culture and the Onam season.
Little India public school celebrated Chingam 1st, Farmer’s Day.
On this pandemic situation, Malayalam department hosted the farmers day program under the leadership of Dhanya madam. The students and staff combined together to make the day a memorable one. Celebrated the day as a respect to the farmers. Respect for those whose sweat feeds us. Students from KG to 10th std participated virtually, but, that turned out to be a sight that warms the eyes of everyone.
Feeling the soil and the rain in the fields and barns, they celebrated the New Year by dressing up as farmers.
They sang and danced in the fields. These programs were a reminder for all to go back to the agricultural culture to save the culture and the farmers.
Principal Raseena madam in her presidential address, remembered about the old golden days of farming and how we lost the agricultural culture.
Other teachers, including vice principal Sreeja madam, Sheeja madam , Dhanya madam and Sheeba madam shared their Onam memories and New year wishes to everyone.
Thus the day became colorful and most memorable one.