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Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life. Remember fear always lurks behind perfectionism. – Dr. David M. Burns.
I have immense pleasure in presenting the 23rd Annual Day Report of LIPS. We have made great efforts to transform ourselves one step ahead changing lower session completely into hands on activities and have been extremely successful in most of our endeavors. Apart from preparing the children to qualify for purely academic demands, special efforts are being made continuously to enable them to face the challenges of the competitive world.
The progress of any institution depends on committed faculties, supportive administrative staff, a large pool of resources, responsive students, and co-operative parents. We are indeed very lucky to have all these elements.
Academic Achievements
We are proud to report that 2016-17 batch of CBSE X brought laurels to the school by their excellent results. We achieved 100% where 14 children namely Fenin Hyder , Arshak Roshan, Hisham K, Hisham B, Imlas Rahman OP, Mohammed Rishad NM, Mohammed Anshif P, Fathima AK, Afnan Rimzy, Thamanna M, Razana Latheef, Sreepriya P, Rafni P, Shamna KV, cleared full A1 in all subjects. This was possible because of the continuous efforts by the dedicated staff and by taking extra classes and other remedial measures to improve them.
Rimzy of last years’ X bagged 2nd rank, Annlenna of 5th, Nadiya Sherin of 8th, Mohad Shamil, of 6th, Sinan Mohammed of 8th, bagged prizez in District Sahodaya Talent Search exam in final round . Mohd Aman, Ayisha Rida, Nujaid were the LKG Golden, silver and Bronze stars respecively . Raisa, Minha and Arya Nanda were UKG Golden, Silver and Bronze stars.
The blooming buds, Aman Ahmed UKG , SAJA MARIYAm, 2nd, Fathima Shehza 2nd, Dhana , Shaza Mujeeb , Arya and Razin of present class III have secured many prizes in Last Years’ Kids Fest.
Afrah of class X secured II position in Malarvadi Little Scholar Quiz Competition .
Sabeeh Mohammed of class VI won Bronze medal in District Karate Championship.
Abnan Danish of class VIII secured Bronze medal in state Boxing Championship in the category of below 35kg.
Hisham of class VI bagged gold medal in state Boxing Championship below 30kg.
Ensuring the competency of English language Mr NandaKumar is appointed as the full time Communicative English teacher.
Amal TK of class VIII was the State level Second rank holder of GENIUS BIRD; English Language examination conducted by SENSE. She received an amount of Rs:15,000/ from the Hon: Transport Minister Saseendran and certificate. More than 4000 students from 99 schools participated in the exam. She brought the school’s name at height. It was really a great moments of happiness and joy for the entire school.
There is no better insurance in the world than a good education . Scholarships and awards are a great monetary support and excellent confidence booster for students. That is the award of recognition for their merit. Our school Chairman Kappan Jabbar’s initiation to this cause really commendable. Many of our students availed the facility of scholarship through LIPS talent search exam, held on 7th April. It will be continued this year too.

The LIPSIANS with a Different Mission
Life is impossible on this planet without air and water. Being the celebrated dwellers of God’s own country, Keralites have always had the advantage of a stable source of water, and hence have never thought of the need to conserve water. Taking long baths twice a day and washing luxuriously in the running water have been the hallmark of Malayalee daily life. But, now it looks like our unmindful luxury has backfired, with a vengeance. This year we are witnessing an unparalleled drought in recent memory with no rains and the alarming state of the ever depleting water levels.
The young minds of the Little India Public School have come up with a novel and thought provoking short film, “Neerkili” which was released by Calicut University Vice Chancellor, Dr Mohammed Basheer, on the World Water Day that falls on March 22, highlighting the urgent need of conserving water at all levels. This is the first endeavor making film with a purpose. The children have taken a mass pledge, too, in this regard. The Hon. MP Sri E. T. Muhammad Basheer, in his message, reminds about the responsibility of every individual to conserve water.
The Little India Public School has always stood in the forefront in responding positively to social and life issues, and in making the students a part of such endeavors. The teachers of LIPS always make our kids to think out of the box.
Student Council
The solemn occasion of investing the newly elected members held in great zeal on 22-07-17. The investiture ceremony was inaugurated by Paulose sir, Traffic ASI Manjeri. Shabana of class X is selected as School leader. Zahra of X as deputy School leader, Fida of X as Fine Arts Secretary and Rufauda of class X as Sports Secretary . Vice President of District Panchayat Sakeena Pulpadan , honoured the A1 holders.
We observed Hiroshima and Nagasaki Day on 6th August . Kids led a procession holding placards showing “war is not a solution for anything”. It was inaugurated by Morayur Panchayat President Saleem Master. To spread the message of peace he whired a dove to the unlimited sky.
Sports Day : Annual sports meet was inaugurated by the Principal followed by outstanding performance by the students in various events. Winners were awarded by our principal.
The individual Champions of this year
Boys Girls
Kiddies - Nazal Mohammed (II) Ayisha Rifa(II)
Sun Jun - Abdulla Zubair(IV) Raneem Zainab (IV), Neha Nadeer (III)
Junior – Nihal (VII Nishwa (VII)
Senior – Mohammed Hashir ( VIII) Fahmida (IX)
Adnan Alam ( IX))
School Arts,
Arts fest is celebrated in great zeal. Apart from songs and dance we give items like debate, news reading, conversation, interview, launching new products etc to get more competency in English language.
Arts Fest Individual Champion.
Kiddiies : Ambrin(II), Vaigha (I), Saja Mariyam (II)
Sub Junior: Arya (III)
Junior : Nihala (VII)
Seniors: Amal (VIII)
Sahodaya Competition:
Students participated in Malappuram Central Sahodaya Sports Meet. Abdulla Zubair of IV brought plaudits to school achieving 3rd position in 100mt race and long jump.
Arts Fest
Our students bagged 2nd Position in English Drama and Rasha of IX secured the best actress award in District Sahodaya Arts Fest. Amal of VIII,Nihala of VII , Fathima Febin of VI bagged prizes. Many other got grades.
English Fest
Language is the dynamo that converts our thoughts to ideas and ideas into reality. Those who have the competency in language can put their views louder and stronger. Competency in English is equally as important as of our mother tongue. We have proven ourselves in competency of English language when our kids brought second position in category 3 ( Hanna Machingal , Fathima Rana, Nashwa, Varsha, Mona Afrin (all from VIIIth), Niyas Ali from IX and third position in category2 ( Fathima Febin , Fathima Hameed (VIth), Isha, Iman(Vth), Nishwa and Mazin (VII) in the most attractive item News Casting in District Sahodaya English fest held at Navabharat School.
KG fest celebrated on 21st December was glorious with umbrella drill and mesmerizing performance of little buds. Many activities and celebrations such as KG graduation, colours day fruits day, vegetable day, friendship day organize for KG keeping in view that through activities only active learning takes place.
Various national celebrations such as Independence Day, Gandhi Jayandhi, Republic Day conducted in great zeal. Other important days were also celebrated.
Onam celebration: Onam was celebrated with a glimpse of nostalgic traditions that our ancestors followed. Our teachers shared the beautiful onam memories they had experienced in their life. The students celebrated and enjoyed the day with floral completion, Thiruvathirakali, Uriyadi, Vadamvali etc.
Teachers day was also celebrated the same day. As a token of love and gratitude children gifted cards and flowers to teachers. A reverse assembly was held. Teachers presented skit , dance and songs.
Shabana of class X was secured the Best Student Teacher Award.
Bakrid: Showing the brotherhood and equality chidren celebrated Bakrid by conducting Mehandi competition. In connection to this an Iftar meet for the staff was organised.
Christmas Celebration : Christmas is the spirit of giving without the thought of getting and spreading the emotion of love. Jesus Christ is the reason for this season as we commemorate the day as His birthday. Prayers and offerings were carried out conveying the massage of caring and sharig, love and mercy. The students organinsed Christmas programme with skit and umbrella drill by our lovely kindergarten buds.
Commommoration of Vaikam Mohammed Basheer
The legend of Malayalam literature ,Vaikam Basheer commommoration was celebrated by “ Sahithi” Malayalam club . The function was inaugurated by Manampur Rajan Babu. Children dramatized different characters of Basheer writings. “Drishti” Mallayalam news paper was released the same day. In connection to this we organized a book exhibition
Science Exhibition : Preparing a science fair project is an excellent example of what education experts call active learning or enquiry. It is a very effective instructional method; indeed, it is recommended as a cornerstone of successful science teaching.
LIPS was bestowed with the responsibility of hoisting the district Malappuram Central Sahodaya Science Fest ‘ Lil Scintia 2017’. The exhibition was inaugurated by the honourable Vice Chancellor of Calicut University Dr.Mohammed Basheer. Thamanna of class IV was awarded by VC for suggesting the name Lil Scientia. We are extremely happy to announce that we bagged first runner up. Medical expo by the Calicut Medical College Doctors was really an exhilarating and informative experience for both parents and children. The drawing competition conducted for the nearby children was really added colour to the programme with the presence of large number of participation. The prizes were distributed by Hon. MLAUbaidulla. Our Mithwa ( II ) Shamil( IX) Joona Jubin(IX) got second positions and Hridya (VIII ) secured third position.

Study tour : As a part of study tour, our students visited Nilambur
Trips: Class picnics from class KG to II was organized to Kakkadampozhil
Students of class III to VIII had a trip to Fantacy Park. While the students of class VIII to Xth had a two day trip to Kudak, Bangalore and Mysore .
Charity: To give back to the society for various noble causes, activities and support for the needy, our students consolidated donation to various organizations and needy individuals. In harmony with palliative workers a good amount of money is collected and handed over to its organizers. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to the students, teachers and parents for their voluntary contribution for the noble cause.

Career Counselling
To keep the students abreast of the growing opportunities and avenues of employment, the school organizes classes by eminent speakers from various fields.
Annual Day Celebrations
• Annual Day forms an integral part of our school activities. It is an occasion of celebration, felicitation, feast and festivity when students present not only their wonderful performances but also receive honours for their curricular and co-curricular achievements
Annual Day 2018 was woven around the Name "Grand fiesta 18" and the Caption Entitled as "Fabricating Dexterity" And LIPS had truly Done it on 26th Of January.
Hon: E T Muhammed Basheer MP inaugurated GRAND FIESTA 18". Talking of the theme of the Cultural Show – Grand fiesta 18, Fabricating Dexterity, sir expressed the Cultural harmony and Religious harmony those are the need of the present century and articulated that each member of the society has to take step for togetherness.
Mr.Naseeb Nilambur , Asianet Mailanchi winner added colour to the programme by his melodious voice.The function was presided over by honourable Chairman Mr.Kappan Jabbar. Vice Principal Mrs.Sreeja Pradeep extended a warm welcome to all the dignitaries present.
Principal Mrs. Raseena latheef extended a warm welcome to the dignitaries and presented the Annual Report. She read out the achievements of the school – both Academic and Co-curricular and wished success to the students who could not make up for the prizes.
Our all time well wisher and supporter Mr.Salim master , Panchayath President Morayur felicitated the function.
The Annual Prize Distribution function was a moment of pride and honour for all the winners and achievers of the school. The students were awarded prizes in the Academic as well as Co-Curricular areas. The function included Procession and Flash mob by the students from various divisions were most appropriate for the day as it was on The Republic Day. Best out going student Afrah of class X received prize.
The 6–hour long Cultural Show held the audience in awe and left them enlightened as the show culminated. Staff Secretary Mrs Shameena Sadique recorded vote of thanks.
Sahodaya Talent Search 2017-18
When the result of STSE declared from floreat International School on Kids Fest inauguration session the whole LIPSIANS were in cloud nine as Ambrin of class second name announced as the First rank in District level.
When the curtain of Malappuram Central Sahodhaya Kids fest "Papiliones '18 " falls down declaring the results held at Floreat International School, LIPS added a heroic page to its journey. The panoply of dances and songs by our cute tiny buds became an overwhelming experience for everyone.
Our little cute kids have sacked so many prizes even those cannot be lifted by them.
Those certificates carry "A" grade shows they are not incapable of anything.
We have won the overall third prize in 3rd Category and we have given a photofinishing competition to the top schools.
The standard of our students' programmes were amazingly appreciative and energetic. They became role models to the higher class students now. Big salute for our real little heroes of Little India Public school.
Visit to Love Shore
The present generation is fond of travelling whether it is trip , tour, excurtion whatever it may be, they like to travel. Of all the travel, of all the visit, the visit to love shore made them thinking to the existence of life on the Earth, the meaning and the aim of the precious life. They reached a conclusion that if we do not find time to spend with those who are not blessed with many gift of God as we have, our life is meaningless. The panoramic view nearby Chaliyar river in Edavannappara beckoning the kind hearted people to join hands in the pious activities of nurturing the differently abled children. When you reach there you will be counting the blessings of God which is very rarely we bother. A place where caring, love and nurturing do at its peak really a heaven , teachers who are real angels look after their …., . Love Shore as the name suggest it is an embodiment of love irrespective of religion and cast. Our Children danced , sang with them and returned shore of love with a ray of hope of joining to fulfill their venture getting a building of their own. As they are supposed to work in groups, it teaches them how to work in tandem by co-operating with others.

This annual report is much more than a summary of the year that was. It’s a reflection of the school ethos,a statement of our unwavering personal commitment, the conviction with which we pursue our goals and the very spirit with which we at LIPS. All the good work of the school has been possible with the cooperation of our highly qualified and dedicated faculty. Our thanks to the management committee of our school for their able guidance and encouragement. If I were to put all the events at LIPS in a Nutshell, we encourage a child to observe, to explore, to experiment ,to probe, to analyze, to confront problems & find the solutions, Finally to develop the skills essential to face the future.
I would like to conclude by extending our sincere thanks to all the parents, teachers, administrative staff, non teaching staff and each one of the well wishers who have lent a supportive hands through the years, in all our endeavors to produce a confident, educated and capable batch of students each year. Thus, shaping the future of your children who are the destiny of this country.

• Jai Hind

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